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October 26, 2006
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Guy had his first comic work published at Marvel Comics in
“The New Warriors”.  He then continued to work for Marvel for several years
on such projects as  M.C.P., DD, “Night Thrasher” and more.
Some of his other comic work includes work on Ultra Force, Hari Kari,
Bad Girls, Hakkiro Soul Quest plus many others.

Guy felt one dimensional doing only comics so has built up his portfolio in many
different fields of art, such as toy designs, trading cards, coloring books,
magazine covers, stickers, billboards, newspaper comic strip ads
and much, much more.  
Some of these works include, WWF toy designs,
Hercules and Zena watch designs, character development for the
“Silver Surfer” cartoon series, WWF trading cards,
“STAR WARS” Comics to Color” and the list goes on.

“Power and perception mean nothing without TRUTH”
-Guy Dorian-
Guy Dorian was born on June 20, 1969 in Edison NJ.  The older brother to an
identical twin boy, and brother to four other siblings.  He lived in a nice home with a
father and mother in Plainfield, NJ.  One and a half years after his birth, his father
and mother divorced and things changed.  His Father, unwilling to pay the child
support his mother needed, left his mother with no other alternative but to take
welfare to care for the cost of taking care of six children alone.  This meant a
change that would make a big difference in where and how he would grow up.  

Soon after his mother had been given an apartment in Elizabeth NJ, in a
predominantly minority neighborhood.  It was very rough on him as the neighborhood
he lived in and many of the other children at school had not been very accepting of
him, because of his clothes, his race, and the fact that he was small and thin and half-
Jewish.  He was picked on and smacked around periodically for many years.  

However, throughout this he had found one thing that helped him escape the world he
lived in...DRAWING.  He started drawing as soon as he could pick up a pencil and by
the age of 9, was studying on his own, (through the help of The "Jewish Family
Services" and close Aunt Trudie and Uncle Hank ) from books about many famous
artists, and was studying from books like "Art Of The Masters".  Some of his
favorite artists where, Michelangelo, Raphael, Tintoreto, Dali, Durer, and many, many
more.  He had always wished he could have the money to go to art classes.

At the age of nine, his twin brother had been offered a chance to attend the first all
"Gifted and Talented" school ever in the country, which just happened to be in his
town of Elizabeth,  NJ.  Guy felt horrible, not only was his brother and best friend
accepted and not him, but his brother would now be going to a different school and he
would be alone.  For two years his very close Uncle had tried to get through to the
board of education and to the school, to find out why Guy who had identical grades
and passion for art was not accepted into the gifted school like his brother.  

Finally, at the end of the two years his Uncle Hank was able to have a meeting with
the board on this issue.  The answer was simple...the school had to fill a racial quota,
and since they took his brother they did not take him.  On finding this out, his Uncle
was furious and pushed even harder. Finally, the board said they would do what they
can and he was accepted into the school.  

Unfortunately, he would only attend it for a few years as his mother fell ill to cancer
and died.  This left Guy again having to face many new changes.  He had to then move
away to Keansburg NJ to live with his sister and again found it very hard to be
accepted and not get picked on as this new town had been completely opposite of his
old town and it took time for him to be accepted.  His nickname from some students
for a year and a half was Spic-Jew, because the other kids thought he looked Spanish
and they new he was a Jew.  It was very, very hard to deal with the loss of his
mother and having no father around as well, having to deal with the prejudices of the
ignorant.  Nevertheless, even still, Guy made many friends growing up in these

Again, throughout these times, art was always on his mind and since he loved drawing
comic books as well as fine art, he thought it would be great to work for Marvel
comics some day.  After graduating high school, Guy went on a trek to become a
professional comic book illustrator.  After 2 ½ years of being turned down by
editors, just when he was contemplating quitting...he was hired for a job.  

Guy has never looked back since then, and has illustrated professionally for many
companies, large and small.  As well has taught art for the past 14 years to thousands
of students. He is married and has two children and owns a home in Jackson NJ,
where he has horses in his backyard and dogs to play with and many of the things he
had always dreamed about as a child.  Guy was one of the only children out of his
entire class of gifted students who went on to do the things he set out to do and
become a professional artist in every area of art he wanted.   The other very
amazingly talented students of his class that were very successful were his closest
and life-long friend Garth Bracy,  and his twin brother Ian.

Guy is a big fan of boxing.  He also loves martial arts and had trained from a young
boy with his brother.  Guy's favorite past-times are weight -training and boxing.
Guy is also an aspiring actor and has appeared on TV and film.  
As well, Guy loves movies and acting.
Guy’s heroes are Bruce Lee and
Jack Kirby.
There is much, much more to Guy's story; maybe someday he will share it all with us.
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