Guy had his first professional comic work published at the age of 21 at Marvel Comics
in “The New Warriors.” He continued to work for Marvel on projects such as Marvel
Comics Presents, “Night Thrasher” and more. Guy has also done works for independent
companies as well as creating and co-creating stories and characters and also drawing.
He co created “Hari-Kari (writing credits for first issue as well as series
development including story and characters),” Guy's first Cover for the series was
used  as a poster featured in a scene in the very popular cult classic Kevin Smith film
"Chasing Amy".

He was also published in Image Comics GN “Tales of the Starlight Drive-In” as well as
others.  As well his art is on many Marvel products.

Guy is also co creator (with Dan Slott) of the character "SCORCH" featured in Marvel
comics stories and on the hugely popular hit TV series "MARVEL AGENTS OF

Guy is a featured artist of Marvel’s “The Complete Avengers” trading card set and DC
Comic’s “DC Legacy” trading card set as well as Marvel’s “Heroes Vs Villains” and “70
years of Marvel” card sets.

Guy’s portfolio features many works in various fields including character
development for the “Silver Surfer” cartoon series, character and miniature designs
for “Universal War” Sci-Fi board game (character design, turn around art, covers,
promotional art, logos) , WWF Bend-um toy designs and trading cards, Toy designs for
“The TICK”, toy designs for “Youngblood” ( Blister Box design, Pogs) Toy design for
the Three Stooges Bend-ums with real hair , Pony Trails toy designs (real mane
engineering design), Hercules and Zena watch designs, Wind in the Willows watch
designs, Youngblood watch designs, “STAR WARS” Comics to Color published by Golden
Books, Many logo designs for various companies, newspaper comic strip ads for car
companies, magazine covers, product advertisements, billboards, and the list goes on.

He has attended many conventions over the years and has become a fan favorite.  He
has done hundreds if not thousands of private commissions and still does them always.

Currently Guy is working in the industry as a creator of new I.P.'s. He is also Editor In
Chief at a new large entertainment company. As well as being a pro Penciller, and
Inker.  Guy has worked as Editor or collaborator to and with some of the worlds
leading comic art talents and legends ever. Such as Ron Lim, Sean Chen, Christopher
Sotomayor, Bob Wiacek, Josef Rubinstein, Al Milgrom, Scott Koblish, Rich Buckler,
Paul Gulacy, Michael Royer, Neal Adams, Michael Golden, Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema, and
the late great Herb Trimpe.

He has also done panels and lectures on Jack King Kirby  aside Erik Larsen and Rand
Hoppe.  And was part of a panel comprised of Jack Kirbys son Neal Kirby, Jack's
granddaughter Jillian Kirby ( of Kirby4Heroes) and himself;  interviewed by the
largest NY comic book store franchise Midtown Comics.

As well doing lectures and panels in memorium to his late friend and co worker Herb

You can see his latest works as inker for Marvel Entertainment products all over the
world currently. In magazines, coloring and activity books, Marvel video games, wall
posters, cups name it!

His latest title COR is soon to be released through
PKMM Entertainment.

This project as well has a huge ALL STAR cast of major Marvel and DC comics greats
and legends of the industry.  Guy is also involved with the Jack Kirby Museum for new
and exciting projects in the near future.
Guy Dorian
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